Metal Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

"We Keep Snow and Ice in its Place!"

Avalanches Of Ice And Snow are Dangerous

And Destructive.


The inevitable heating and cooling of snow covered roof surfaces causes a build-up of ice that begins at the eave and works its way upward. Smooth metal roof panels create a slick surface which is prone to release built-up ice and snow in large, dangerous avalanches. Sliding ice not only tears away gutters and downspouts and damages roof mounted equipment, but also poses a danger to pedestrians, landscape, lower roofs and equipment upon which it may land.


Ice-Brakes are designed to help hold built-up snow in place, allowing it to melt away gradually, minimizing dangerous sudden slides.



Are Low Profile


Ice-Brakes hold snow in place at the roof surface. Snow and ice slide against the surface of the roof not above it. Thus, snow guards need not project high into the air in order to hold snow in place. Rail type snow retention systems often offer little contact with the roof surface, sometimes permitting ice and snow to slide beneath them. Ice-Brakes stop snow slides at the source. Ice-Brakes feature a broad base and a low-profile, projecting just over 1” from the surface of the roof. Ice-Brakes cast little shadow and are less conspicuous from a distance than taller style snow guards.


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