Metal Snow Guards for Metal Roofs


Metal Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

Snow Retention System Specification



1.1         Summary

 A. Work Includes:
  1. Provide a snow retention system on all specified roof locations consisting of cast aluminum pad style snow guards. System shall be adhesively fastened to the roof.
  2. Coordinate the work with the installation of the metal roofing system.
  3. Provide necessary adhesives sealant compatible with roofing material and intended for outdoor rooftop conditions.


1.2         System Description

A. Components
  1. Cast aluminum snow guards (select mill finish, powder coated stock colors or custom color matching.)
  2. Durable adhesive such as DuraSil by Chemlink.


 B. Design Criteria

  1. Snow guards locations shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. A minimum of two rows, spaced as recommended shall be installed.


1.3         Submittal

A. Submit manufacturer’s specification, cut sheets and installation instructions.


1.4         Quality Assurance

A. Engage the services of an installer experienced in the installation of metal roofing and snow retention systems.




2.1         Manufacturer

A. Ice-Brake brand snow guards as manufactured by East Coast Roof Specialties, Winsted, CT. telephone 860-379-9072


2.2         Materials

A. Cast Aluminum Ice-Brake Model SG1 (large) or SG2 (small) manufactured from 319 Alloy Aluminum.

  1. Chose Bare Mill Finish, Stock powder coated colors or Custom Color Matching (Provide roofing sample to manufacturer for color matching.)

B. Roof adhesive compatible with roofing material.




3.1         Installation

 A. Comply with architectural drawings for locations of snow guards.

 B. Spacing and layout shall take into consideration roof-pitch, snow-load criteria in the particular geographical location.*

 C. Roof surface shall be properly cleaned prior to application of adhesives.

 D. Weather and temperature shall be taken into account when installing adhesives to ensure proper set-up of adhesive compounds.



* Consult licensed architects, engineers or building officials to judge structural integrity and load capacity before installing IceBrakes.  East Coast Roof Specialties and East Coast Lightning Equipment, Inc. are not responsible for determining these factors.

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